Because it is very thin - only five millimeters – it provides a greater range of application possibilities, especially when compared to conventional stone, which commonly measures twenty millimeters in thickness, is heavier and limited.

In its Lumen version, the Slimstone still allows light to pass through, creating stage effects through the backlight.

Produto Slinstone

Know the Slimstone technology:


Plate with 5mm of natural rock

Composite Aluminium + PE
(final measure – 10mm)


Plate with 5mm natural rock

Special composite laminate

Structural Composite

Special composite laminate
(final measure - 20mm - allows backlight)

Check out the advantages that Slimstone offers its projects:

• Technology: natural stone of 5 mm.

Weight (kg / m²)
6mm GLASS 15.3
slimstone 18.0

• Lightness: 70% lighter than the 20 mm conventional stone.

• Environment: the best use of the stone translates into environmental care.

• Translucency: the passage of light in the backlight creates unique effects.

Resistance Marble Slimstone Granite Slimstone
Impact More More
Flexion More Equal

• Resistance: more impact resistance and flexural strength than conventional stone.

• Granite and marble Slimstone have greatest impact resistance compared to conventional 20 mm stone

• Granite and marble Slimstone have flexural strength greater than or equal to a 20 mm conventional stone

• Tests performed by Lactec - Centro politécnico da UFPR

The Slimstone is a revolution in the use of stone, offering numerous application possibilities.

The product has three major advantages: lightness, strength and translucency. For these characteristics, the Slimstone can be applied directly to furniture, from drawer fronts, doors, countertops, vanity tops and panels and can be used in both external and internal areas.

Mainly directed to segments of architecture, interior decoration, construction and corporate market, its biggest competitive advantage is related to the fact that it allows for the creation of lighter structures using natural stone. The Slimstone is so versatile that it can be applied in elevators, fireplaces coverings, walls, fixtures and flooring. Decoration and design already exploits the material in their creation and it is ideal also for raised floors and for application in nautical and aeronautical projects without sacrificing beauty or sophistication.

  • Furniture Industry
  • Drawer fronts and cabinet doors (opening, sliding, tilting and pivoting)
  • Thicknesses (desks, benches, dressers, tabletops)
  • Panels (illuminated or not)
  • Partitions and doors in halls and other environments (opening, sliding and pivoting)
  • Decoration
  • sofas
  • armchairs
  • stools
  • chaises
  • tables
  • Elevator Industry
  • Floor
  • Cladding panels
  • Construction Industry | Architecture
  • Customized projects
  • Marine Industry
  • Customized projects
  • Lighting Industry
  • Floor lamps, sconces, ceiling lights


To clean it, use a soft cloth with neutral colorless detergent.

Never use abrasive sponges, steel wool and abrasive cleaners or detergents other than neutral and colorless.


For maintenance, apply a thin layer of colorless common wax. There are some brands on the market today that have developed specific products for cleaning and maintenance of natural stone.

These products can be detergent for cleaning the surface of the material without removing the wax or detergents that thoroughly clean removing old wax. These specific products can also be used.

There are also waterproofing products that prevent the absorption of water and oil without changing the characteristics of the material and maintain the natural effect.

The Slimstone product is delivered waterproofed, but we recommend that this procedure be performed once a year according to the corresponding wear and maintenance.

Any colored substance accidentally spilled on the stone should be wiped away immediately.

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HP E TORO Stones with levigado and /or anticato finishes
GREZZO Polished stones or those with Groove finishes
GOLD Stones applied in wet areas